How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO – Proven Tips for Updating Posts

How to optimize blog posts for SEO? Here are my top tips for updating old EXISTING blog posts for SEO. If you are interested in re-submitting improved articles to Google to create an SEO-friendly blog post and increase your SEO ranking, than this post is for you. Keep reading for the best blog SEO tips!
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WordPress Install

Your Easy Quick Guide to Understanding WordPress

Your quick start guide to understanding WordPress. Are you a new WordPress user and are confused by the WordPress dashboard? Are you transferring from Blogger, WIX, Squarespace or another website builder, and need a WordPress guide for your new site? Well, everything you need is right here! Keep reading.
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New Website

5 Steps for finding topics for your niche website

Finding topics for your niche website is hard. And it’s especially hard because niche websites are all the rage right now. There is a huge influx of niche websites and information on the internet. Here are 5 tips for finding topics for your niche website today.
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New WebsiteNamecheap

How Much does it cost to start a website? Start today for $3.20/mo.

How much does it cost to start a website? There are a thousand websites quoting numbers, and telling you how to start a website for cheap. But what they don’t account for is YOU being your own web developer. If you can can follow the instructions here on The Motherboard Mentor, then I can show you how much does it really cost to start a website. For cheap.
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