5 Steps for finding topics for your niche website

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Finding topics for your niche website is hard. And it’s especially hard because niche websites are all the rage right now. There is a huge influx of niche websites and information on the internet. Here are 5 tips for finding topics for your niche website today.

A Quick Summary:

In today’s internet, niche websites are specialized platforms that cater to a specific audience, offering targeted content to people with shared interests. Instead of writing about topics that entertain you, find a topic that answers questions and make you an expert, and become a go-to in your industry.

My recommendation:

Niche websites are an easy consistent way to make money online. If you are looking for consistent passive income, I would recommend finding a topic idea and become an expert on it. Create 100 articles. Get Google to crawl the site. And BOOM. Traffic and income for YEARS.

Finding topics for your niche website

Blogs vs. Niche Sites

Blogs vs Niche Sites – what’s the difference?

The word “Blog” comes from the phrase “Web Log” (yeah, did you know that?) and is basically a log of your life, interests, family events, etc. It can have a main theme, but it is a personal site to log your life.

A niche site is a website that is an expert in a specific topic. You could create a niche site about fixing toilets, and become the expert. Do you have to like the topic? Nope! You have just have to be the pro and gain the trust of your readers.

I personally think the money right now is with Niche Sites. The internet has changed so much, and no one really cares about your favorite Friday lunch. But, what do people need now? Toilet help.

1. Find a Niche Website Mentor (for free)

There are a million people on the internet that want to teach you about niche websites. They will help you with keyword research. They want to sell you their services. That’s great. But what about a free platform to help you learn everything about niche websites?

Let me tell you about my favorite niche website resource: Income School (on Youtube). They offer the BEST information for free. I have watched almost all of their videos, and what they teach for free is incredible. Here is on of their videos about the most competitive niche topics:

2. Do your Keyword Research

Keyword research. This is the process experts use to find what keywords and phrases are ranking with Google search right now. There are a million ways to use keyword research to find what works with search engine optimization. There are paid services and subscriptions to find search terms for the right niches. There are a million perspectives on how to find Google trends.

Personal Recommendation: Beware of big name companies like SEMRush. I know you’ve heard of them. They probably are great, but are like leeches. Even if you sign up for a free trial, it is very hard to get off of their mailing list and leave them behind. SEMRush offers a huge affiliate program, so a TON of people recommend them (and get paid for it). It doesn’t mean they are the best.

Instead, this is what I recommend:

Niche keywords are long-tail keywords, not singular competitive keywords. These are phrase-like keywords that appeal to a very narrow audience. The goal is to find a long-tail keyword that you can use for an entire website.

My favorite free website is Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is Google’s Keyword Planner for Google Ads that shows the best keywords.

  1. Set up a Google Ads account (for free)
  2. Enter a short starter keywords (ie. “dinner recipes”)
  3. Add a filter: Low Competition
  4. Sort by Average Monthly Searches (Search Volume)
  5. Start by looking at the long-tail keywords that appear for low monthly searches, and find something that is large enough to use for a website, but small enough for a target audience (ie. “easy diabetic dinner recipes for two”)
  6. If you see metrics for KD (keyword difficulty), look for a KD of below 30 (Easy).

3. Use a Niche Website Topic List

The first time I made a niche website I floundered. I didn’t know how to pick a topic that I loved that would be a natural website topic for me.

So you know what I did? I read a niche website topic list. Like this. I read a list of hundreds of niche website topics, and one jumped out to me. And that was it. I found my topic. Here are a few more lists to use:

4. Find a Topic that Has Opportunities

If your goal is to earn money with a niche website, than look for blog topics that open doors for you. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does the topic five you opportunities with affiliates and affiliate marketing?
  • Could you create products, online courses or services to accompany this topic?
  • Will you exhaust it easily, or does it have a long future?
  • Will advertisers agree to put ads on your site for income?
  • Is it possible to create videos for this topic?
  • Is there low competition on social media? (think outside of the box: YouTube, Etsy, Ebay, LinkedIn, Amazon Associates, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Are there enough means of monetization?

If you see a future with advertisers, affiliate programs, social media, and competition, then it’s a good sign that there is a future with the niche market you have chosen.

5. Find a topic that doesn’t bore you

Yes. You could write about fixing toilets. I’m sure there is a HUGE market for that expert information. But is it your passion?

A lot of your writing will be a struggle – late at night or early morning – reminding yourself that THIS IS WORTH IT. Before you start seeing any money come in, you will convince yourself to not stop, and keep going.

You need passion.

Without a passion for the topic, you will find it very hard to keep going. And it’s the people that stop writing, that never find success with their niche blog posts. If you keep going, your passion will earn you money.

Finding topics for your niche website is hard. And it's especially hard because niche websites are all the rate. There is a huge influx of niche websites. And a HUGE influx of information on the internet? How can you start right now? Here are 5 tips for finding your website niche today.

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