How does this work?

Hey friend! So are you interested, but don’t know where to start? Well, stick with me and we’ll put you on the map.

You don’t need a ton of money, and you don’t need much more time than you already have. Instead, stick with me and I’ll give you clear direction about where to begin.

You can trust yourself. You’re in the right place. You’ve got this.

I’m Ginny!

I’m here to help.

I am a normal mom that can’t stop learning how the internet works. I have a passion for women that need to have a voice, but don’t know where to start. I want to offer it all for free in bite-sized pieces.

I specialize in WordPress, SEO, and any kind of website install. Professionally, I manage email newsletters for high-end websites, and to top it all off, I also dabble in Pinterest management. I just want to do it all.

What do I love the most? I love the weeds. I love rogue HTML that isn’t doing it’s job. I love a puzzle that seems impossible to solve. And most of all, I love the lightbulb moment when you hit publish and everything just magically works.

I want to meet you! Come say hi.

How is The Motherboard Mentor different?

I am going to help you work through every step. I will troubleshoot issues that come your way, and will answer any question you have. I’ll be burning the midnight oil with you – with Taylor Swift playing in the background, of course.

At the end of this, people will know you. You will have a website presence, and be ready for business.

With The Motherboard Mentor, you will be able to choose where to start and reach the end goal. I will walk you through every step to get there – from Point A to Point B. FOR FREE.

What now?

  1. First, take the quiz (coming soon!) to get custom content. I want to know your goals and skill level.
  2. Two, decide if you need one-off help, or a complete guide to setting up a website.
  3. Three, decide your budget and time-commitment.
  4. Then, just dive in! Start with either my complete free course or my individual how-to guides.

Choose your Adventure

Start at the very beginning and build a WordPress website

Go step by step and create a WordPress site from scratch. Get all the integrations correct. Learn how to get the best hosting.

Set up your site ASAP with Squarespace (Coming soon!)

Flip a switch and get on the map today with Squarespace. Let the Squarespace platform take care of all the integrations for you.

Grab a few updates for your existing site (Coming soon!)

Looking for tweaks, updates, and adjustments to your existing site? Learn a few HTML and CSS tips to update it today.